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El Paseo de los Arboles

The El Paseo de los Arboles Project on the Santa Cruz River Park is, without a doubt in both our minds, our most rewarding endeavor to date. It was truly exciting to be part of this community commemorative Tree Planting program that was created by the Pima County Parks and Recreation and Tucson Clean and Beautiful. We were commissioned to do 9 walls on both sides for the entries and 6 tree groves.

The program was created in response to Tucsonans' requests for a commemorative tree park. Trees can be planted to honor an individual or family or to commemorate a special occasion. Those who are commemorated are listed on a tile near the tree and on a large tile mural at the entrance to each of the six groves.


Dedicating a tree costs $125. If you are interested in dedication, please contact Tucson Clean & Beautiful, P.O. Box 27210, Tucson, AZ 85726-7210, or call (520) 791-3109.

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